P I A  D E H N E


Pia was born in Düsseldorf, Germany and received her Master of Fine Arts in 1994 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

Dehne later lived in Berlin before relocating to New York City in 1999. She has lived and worked in the Catskills since 2011.


2021  Supernatural Thing, The Roxbury Arts Group, Hilt & Stella Kelly Hall, Roxbury, NY 

2017 “The Trödel Show”, Kabinett & Kammer, Andes, NY

2013 “Project Blue Book”, AJLART, Berlin, Germany

2011 “Vanishing Act”, Charles Bank Gallery, NYC, NY

2010 “Eve of Destruction”, Blackston , NYC, NY

2008 “Country Life”, Bespoke Gallery, NYC, NY

2005 “Bed Bad Beyond”, Haswellediger & Co. Gallery, NY

2004 “Naked City”, Deitch Projects, NYC, NY

2003 “I’m so Happy I could die”, Laura Mars Group, Berlin, Germany

2003 “I’m so happy I could die”, Book launch and one day show, John Connelly Presents, NYC, NY

2002 “Nancy” , Galerie Achim Kubinski, Berlin, Germany

1999 “Malerei”, Galerie Achim Kubinski, Berlin, Germany


2022 “Who Speaks for the Ocean”, Mishkin Gallery, NY

2022 ” Northern Exposure : The Artists Behind Black Ball Projects”, Bushel, Delhi, NY

2019 “interTimes_autoPortrait”, Lachenmann Art, Frankfurt, Germany

2019 “Opening Balance”, Bushel, Delhi, NY

2019 “12 x 12”, Black Ball Projects, Benefit Auction Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Ein Turm von Unmöglichkeiten”, curated by Salon Hansa, Johan KÖnig Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017 “12 x 12”, Black Ball Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2017 “Beaver Fever”, curated by Jennifer Kabat, Bushel, Delhi, NY

2016 “12 x 12”, Black Ball Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2016 “Frozen Image”, curated by Catrin Hüske, Halle X, Düsseldorf, Germany

2016 “Art Must Go“, organized by Billy Miller, Circus of Books, Los Angeles, CA

2016 “ Paul Brainard: Roasted”, Lodge Gallery, NYC, NY

2015 “Only 2.5 hrs from GWB”, organized by Pia Dehne, Orphic Gallery, Roxbury NY & Hamden Inn, Hamden NY

2015 “Um Fleisch auf die Nerven zu bekommen”, organized by Salon Hansa, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt, Germany

2015 “KIK Five : FATHOMS”, Kino International, Berlin, Germany

2015 “S.T.H. Chapbooks”, Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair, Los Angeles, CA

2014 “1398 – Artists of the Gallery”, AJLART, Berlin, Germany

2012 “Parts & Service”, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY

2012 “Up Against It”, curated by Billy Miller, Munch Gallery, NYC, NY

2012 “Do Your Thing”, curated by Thomas Bullock & Eric Duncan, White Columns, NYC, NY

2011 “Die Like You Really Mean It”, curated by Frank Webster and Paul Brainard, Allegra LaViola Gallery, NYC, NY

2011 “View of Outer Space from an Aquarium”, curated by Billy Miller, Famous Accountants, Brooklyn, NY

2010 “Lost Horizon”, curated by Billy Miller, Exile Art, Berlin, Germany

2010 “Plank Road”, Salomon Contemporary, NYC, NY

2010 “Hunt and Chase”, curated by James Salomon and Beth Rudin DeWoody, Salomon Contemporary Warehouse, East Hampton, NY

2010 “For Your Eyes Only”, curated by Hans Theys, DeMarkten, Brussels, Belgium

2009 “I want some sugar in my bowl”, curated by Jenny Schlenzka, Anat Egbi and Terence Koh, ASS Gallery, NYC, NY

2008 “Skin”, Autoversion LTD, NYC, NY

2007 “I like to watch”, The Canal Chapter, curated by C.Lee & C.McCormick, NYC, NY

2006 “Flesh Records”, Haswellediger & Co Gallery, NYC, NY

2006 “Art Parade”, Deitch Projects, NYC, NY

2005 “Manhattan”, Papermag, curated by Carol Lee, NYC, NY

2005 “Art Parade”, Deitch Projects, NYC, NY

2005 “Red, White, Blue”, Spencer Brownstone, NYC, NY

2004 “Draw”, Galerie du jour Agnes b, Paris, France

2004 “Catholic No1”, Gallery Claska, Tokyo, Japan

2004 “Phiiliip Divided by Lightning”, Deitch Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2004 “Subversiv, Sexy und Stilvoll”, Galerie im Stadtmuseum, Jena, Germany

2003 “December Group Exhibition”, Patrick Heide Art Projects, London

2003 “Catholic No.1”, Guild & Greyshkul, NYC. NY

2003 “What About New York”, Galerie du jour Agnes b, Paris, France

2003 “Subversiv, Sexy und Stilvoll”, Galerie M.Wewerka, Berlin, Germany


2019  The Weekender, NR. 33, Article Antje Wewer, Photos Debora Mittelstaedt

2017 DuMont Art Calendar, Contemporary Art, 2018, Cologne, Germany

2016 DuMont Art Calendar, Contemporary Art, 2017, Cologne, Germany

2016 Part A- Part B – Black Ball Project collective printing edition, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Laboratory Arts Collective Magazine Issue – Fear, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Project Blue Book Catalog, AJLART 2014, Berlin, Germany

2010 Hunt & Chase Catalog, July 2010, Salomon Contemporary, NYC, NY

2010 Watermill Summer Benefit, Paradiso Catalog , South Hampton, NY

2010 Top Magazine Issue Nr.2, NYC, NY

2010 Eve of Destruction Catalog, Blackston Gallery, NYC, NY

2010 For Your Eyes Only, Catalog, Brussels, Belgium

2008 Visionaries Magazine, “I want to ride my bicycle”, NYC, NY

2006 Flesh Records, a CD/Audio with fifteen tracks from artists, “Ach So”, NYC, NY

2004 Paper Magazine, “Naked City”, NYC, NY

2003 Art Berlin Books, “Im so happy I could die”, Berlin, Germany


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